An open letter to the World.

As of this day, the 26th of August 2002, after a grueling 10 years on the campaign trail, the last 3 years of which have focused on my online efforts, I am officially withdrawing my candidacy as Pope of the World, to take my rightful place as Pope of the World.
As Pope I will make it my primary mission to distribute umbrellas to all the people of the world before moving indefinitely into my prepared underground bunker. This is because we have really pissed off God. Bad. His rain of fire is coming, and I can't stop it, but at least I can hide from it.
So I'd like to thank everyone for their unfailing support, and wish you all the best of luck in your impending cataclysm.
-Chuck, Pope of the World

My Campaign Efforts will still be available to browse through for historical purposes, and my Advice column will remain active, should anyone need my assistance, as will the hatemail, and guestbook, though no new material will be added to the campaign. Proceed to the Campaign site