The Fable of the Bunny and the Goose

The goose unto the bunny said:
"A curse upon your bunny head!
When winter comes I must fly south,
While you stay cozy in your house."
So said the bunny in reply:
"Give me your wings, that I may fly,
And visit lands both far and great,
You stay here and hibernate."
They made the exchange right then and there,
Warm soft fur for feathers fair,
Then they turned and each waved goodbye,
Goose crawled in her hole, bunny leapt to the sky,
But bunny's arms quickly grew tired from flight,
And there wasn't a single carrot in sight,
The feathers did little to keep out the cold,
Oh, how he so missed his old bunny hole!
The goose beneath the ground so deep,
Was finding that she couldn't sleep,
The bunny's hole was dark and small,
And walking everywhere was no fun at all.
So the bunny wrote the goose a letter,
"Flying is awful, my old life was better."
And the goose unto the bunny wrote,
"Please come back, I'll return you your coat."
Bunny returned the very next day,
They traded their clothes back right away,
And bade each other goodbye again,
Goose from the air and bunny from his den.