Chuck's Entirely Non-Pope Related Stuff

So I have this little website, which is based on this Pope gag I came up with years ago, but sometimes I come up with other funny little things that amuse me. I finally decided to allow my faithful readers access to a taste of the rest of me. Also, notice the slightly modified background.

Chuck's Jolly Fun Time--- This is a story I wrote about a vegetarian zombie (just before halloween '01). Not my very best work, but at least it's short, and there's a picture of me dolled up for the holiday as a little bonus.

50 Ways to Skin a Cat--- Ok, so I'd bet this gag has been done before, but I promise that mine is much funnier.

The Fable of the Bunny and the Goose--- A funny little children's poem, keeping swear words and explicit sexual descriptions to a minimum.

A Eulogy.--- Written for, and presented in a public speaking course I took. I intend to expand it, seal it, leave it with my will, and have it read at my funeral.