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To the voters: We here at Chuck's campaign headquarters, to include Chuck himself, want to take a moment to recognize your contributions. Having watched the mysterious vote counter climb to literally tens of votes over the past 2 years we just wanted to express to you our deepest apathy. We sincerely hope you continue to believe that your support in some way benefits our cause. While the campaign would inevitably carry on, despite your discontinued advocacy, brought about by, say, a helicopter crashing into you, it should be noted that you, the collection of trifling voters, at least inspired this very impressive, run-on sentence that you're reading right now.


Here you can cast your vote, get some advice, read slogans, speeches, or reader submissions, check out the anger I have inspired in my hatemail section, view some amazing animated posters, take a quiz to help you determine the right pope for you, buy an official Chuck for Pope T-shirt, and sign or view the Vatican DeathSquad (guestbook).

Votes so far: 176!
Last Voter Comment: "Vote for Chuck. If you were running for pope, he would vote for Chuck. "
Chuck says: "Very clever! Why didn't you think of that?"

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"Chuck: The Scariest Pope" is the true story of a frightening possible future. Chuck (Bette Midler) is enslaved by the Pope (An animated bunny) but soon wins his heart and begins training to take his place as heir to the Popehood. But things take a dark turn, and the student must fight the master in a grueling, 45 minute, slow motion battle to the death, the outcome of which will shock you beyond your physical capacity to be shocked. Critics have hailed this film as "A real movie", "Full of scenes", and "Stupid." Joel Siskel raves, "I haven't even seen this movie."


If you want to vote for me, or send a speech or slogan suggestion, fill in the comment box, and your email address, and click Vote Chuck for Pope! I have created a separate hate mail form in the hate-mail section to express your distaste for humor.
And since your only desire is to make Chuck famous, bring him sandwiches, and name all the insects in your yard after him, you will now tell your friends about him, by pressing this conveniently located, easy to look at button.

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I am an award winning dork. I love my life. (Awarded October 2000)

I got this one for asking. It was well deserved.
5 Star Humor Site

I won this in July 1999, from a humor site telling me I'm not funny. Maybe someone should give them an intelligence award.
Odds Of Winning: 1/10
This is the comment that came with it: "Chuck's Official Campaign To Become Pope of the World is a strange site. It attempts to be a religious and political parody page. The only really funny part was the first animated campaign poster. The rest of the humor is mediocre to poor and almost impossible to read due to the extremely poor choice of background colors."
I'm so proud!


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